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Why Haulage Exchange?

For any type of work, Haulage Exchange is a trusted market leader. From individual owner drivers to large haulage firms, we assist you with finding the very best transport contracts.

Help When You Need It

We can help you sub-contract any haulage work which you don’t have capacity for. And because all of our operators have been vetted, you can be safe in the knowledge that your sub-contracted haulage jobs and transport contracts will be of the highest quality. In addition, our system will ensure that your business will maximise its profit potential.

Benefits to Your Business

We help haulage and logistics companies find the transport contracts they need which means that both time and money are optimized. Our web pages have over 30,000 loads per month and we can inform you know when loads become available in your area.

Nurturing Long-term Relationships

Our service enables owner-drivers, haulage companies, freight forwarders and owner drivers to build a reliable network of transport contracts. All of our members are vetted before they go on our database and, in addition, all haulage jobs – from freight forwarding to return loads – receive feedback which you can see whenever you want.

Main Benefits

With extra haulage work and dependable sub-contractors, you will be able to increase your client base. We can therefore help you expand your company and your profits.

  • Over 30,000 loads and haulage jobs posted per month. This equals more work for you and, ultimately, higher profits
  • Network with more than 4,000 industry leaders and professionals and make long-term business relationships
  • We help you find all the capacity you need for additional transport contracts so you never have to let a customer dow
  • Our system instantly puts the loads you want on your screen or inbox, helping you to save a great amount of time in the process

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